Oh hey blog!  It's been quite the week.  It's the week I have dreaded since we got pregnant and came to the conclusion that we will one day have to place our child into the care of someone just so we can make a living.  We are on day four of transition - and I hope to find a free moment tomorrow to share our week one experience with you.  Until then - this is what else the Hope family has been up to. 

I have been snapping photos of Eila as much as I can because I realized not too long ago that she will be one before I know it.  More and more these days I am seeing less of a baby and more of an emerging toddler.  It blows my mind that I have literally watched her grow into this high energy, sweet and independent little girl.  Everyday with her just gets better and she just keeps getting cuter - but there is something so special about the first year - that I need to capture all the memories. 

I have been checking the time a lot this week.  This week started a whole new routine for us.  We now wake up a lot earlier (this is huge for our lazy family).  Since we are practicing I constantly am waking up and checking the time on my phone.  It's so annoying - but I want to make sure we get into this new groove before I head back to work.  And then again, after I drop Eila off at daycare, I leave the room and then I am constantly checking my phone to see how long I've been gone for.  I am so tired of wondering what time it is - I want to go back to the newborn days when I didn't even care what day it was.

Eila is learning how to point.  She is pointing at everything.  It is terribly adorable.  It also has made things a lot easier when figuring out what she wants.  Oh I should also let you know that Eila is also learning how to show us when she dislikes something - or when she is mad at us.  She does a full on stamping of her feet and yells at us.  So much sass for such a little girl. 

I have been dropping my morning and afternoon naps.  This is also part of our new routine and quite frankly it sucks.  I am tired man.  How am I going to get through an 8 hour work day without at least two naps?  And Eila - well Eila has been dropping all her food on the floor.  The whole eating solid food thing is such a crap shoot.  One day she shovels in all the food and the next she's tossing it all on the floor.  One day she loves strawberries the next they are just mediocre and then the next day they are poison.  Everything except cheese.  Kid loves cheese.  Her bowels?  Not so much.  Bring on the cheese and prune juice.

We have been saving all our pennies (well at least trying to).  June is a bad month for us.  With the start of daycare fees, the transition of maternity leave pay to work pay, and a first birthday party to plan and pay for - we are broke!  We've been extra cautious on what we are spending our money on - but it's hard.  It'll be nice once I am back to work and we can work out a proper budget again.  But shit - did I ever mention how costly daycare is? 

What has been going on with you?  Link up here (if you want to).


Eila is Eleven Months Old

As soon as the weather got nice Eila and I have been spending our time outdoors taking in the last month of my maternity leave.  Therefore I have neglected this blog (like I have so many times before) and forgot to write Eila's 11 month update.  We are almost done!  She's going to be one in just a few weeks.  She's come so far - and I love that I have all these memories and milestones documented.  So I couldn't just stop it there.  Here is all the awesome things my 11 month little lady is doing.

Eleven Months

Weight/Height: We haven't done a weigh in or any other measurements - but according to her two piece pj's she's grown at least an inch or two.

Clothes: I bought a 18-24 month onesie to put away for later this summer - but I tried it on her and to my surprise it fit.  Say what?  Sizing is so weird.  Why do they always fit like two sizes ahead?  Why don't they just size it properly?  It's one thing that makes me crazy.  I feel like we totally skipped the 12-18 month clothing - she must've had a growth spurt last month.  As for diapers - we officially bought our last box of size three. They are getting a little snug around the waist.  But good run - we were in size three for a good 5-6 months. 


Eating & Sleeping

Eating: At the rate Eila is going I feel like we will be nursing forever.  However I am in no rush to stop.  Seriously - we worked so hard to get things established I am so thrilled that she is now a champion nurser.  I've tried to lessen our daytime sessions by offering snacks and meals to prepare for daycare - but she usually wants to top it off with a snuggle and nurse on the chair.  Also, I have decided that I am not going to pump while at work.  It was a tough decision - but Eila just won't drink breast milk from a bottle or a cup so I have dumped so much hard work down the drain.  It just really isn't worth all the fuss - for her just to refuse it.  It's really depressing.  I'll pump during the day only if I feel myself getting too full - and to try and keep up the demand.  So we will transition her to whole milk and water for daytime fluids - and nurse during the evening, night and mornings (which are her main nursing times anyways).

As for solids - things are going great.  I have my moments of frustration where I prepare her a meal and then she just tosses it all on the floor - but then there are the times that she gobbles everything up. She tries almost everything that I have give her - and hasn't really shown much dislike to many foods.  Even if she shows that she doesn't like something - I keep trying to offer it.  Asparagus for example - she was pretty hesitant at first - but now she eats it up.  The only two things she's not crazy about are bananas and peas, however if you offer them - she'll still sample them and then toss them on the floor.  But out of everything - this kid loves her fruit, cheese and cheerios.

Sleeping:  We've been working hard at having Eila nap in her crib.  It doesn't always work - but it is getting a lot easier to set her down.  We've figured out that it's all about our timing - if we let her nap too long in our arms it's game over, the same if it isn't long enough.  There is a fine line between the time that she falls into a deep sleep before she starts stiring again.  But about 50% of the time I can get her down in her crib for a nap - and the best part she naps for at least 45 minutes to an hour.    We are hoping that she'll pick up some awesome napping skills at daycare next month, fingers crossed.

Routine & Milestones

Routine: Nothing really has changed from last month - that's the good thing about routines.  However next month - we are about to shake things up with Eila in daycare and me back to work.

  • New Tooth:  Eila now has a total of eight teeth - all in the matter of four months.  She popped out her lower left lateral incisor - she showed all her normal teething signs; finger sucking, chewing, crankiness, eczema breakout and restless sleeping and then one morning I saw it there.  And since that's about the amount of her mouth I can see - I am not sure if there are any more teeth in there.  You need a vice to get a good look. 
  • Walking:  Seriously this is what she practiced all.month.long.  From the day she turned 10 months old she took four steps - and then from there she was unstoppable.  It took her about two weeks to get really steady on her feet - and then after that she was gone.  Now I have a little tiny baby that walks all over our apartment.  To be completely honest - it has made things a lot easier.  I don't have to carry her as much - we get out of bed and then she walks with me to the living room.  She follows me for diaper changes.  I run to the bathroom and then holler for her to come find me - I get to pee in a few seconds of peace.  And for Eila - she is totally loving her new found independence. 

Social & Events

Social: Eila is still as social as ever, she is still slow to warm in new settings, but the time for her to get comfortable is getting less and less.  I noticed that if people ignore her a little - she warms up a lot quicker.  But if you are all up in her face - she backs off a lot.  Makes sense really. 

  • First Easter:  Easter was never a big deal at my house when I was little - and Steve can't remember so we weren't sure what we were going to do for Eila.  Finally I gave in and decided that we'd get her a basket.  It was her first Easter after all.   For Easter day we spent the day with Steve's side of the family where Eila decided to inform everyone that she was going to learn how to walk.  
  • First Hotel Stay:  Steve had an out of town conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Eila and I totally crashed his hotel room for the night.  It was awesome - but I think it blew Eila's mind too much that we decided to head home a day earlier since she was exhausted from exploring every inch of our room.  

Favourite Things

Baby Gear/Toys:  Eila has two babies, one is The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Lil' Sis and the other, her most treasured, is a care bear we bought her for Christmas.  Cheer Bear to be exact.  She lights up as soon as she sees it.  She also drags these two around the majority of the day.  I am thinking of buying her a duplicate so she can keep one at daycare with her.

What Eila Likes:
  • Fruit!  More specifically strawberries, raspberries and mango.
  • Cheese!  It's always the first thing she eats.  
  • Going outside.  She loves long walks in the stroller.  Since I flipped the seat around and she can see a lot more - she has been so much happier on our walks. 
  • Bath time with Dad!
  • Basil!
  • Not napping!
  • Playing with her baby friends!

Favourite Pictures From the Month



The weather last Sunday was pretty great!  Well at least the sun was shining and it was warm enough to go out without a jacket on.  And then the past two days have been so rainy and dreary, but I am looking out my window right now and it looks like the sun is trying to bust out and I think it's going to turn into a pretty nice day .  This is great because Eila and I desperately need to get out and go for a walk - and I am out of coffee (this might be my MO for wanting to go out - but whatever gets us out of the house). 

Besides my regular update on the weather - this is what else has being going on here.

I haven't been buying much of anything - or at least I am trying really hard to not buy anything.  With daycare looming - our budget is going to take a serious hit until I get established back at work. But wow daycare is expensive.  I have no idea how we'd ever swing it if we decided to have another child.  I totally understand the three year gap. 

With Eila's new walking skills Steve and I have been snapping pictures and taking videos of all her progress.  Just today she made it all the way from the sofa to our nursing chair.  The distance isn't far - but when you are just over 2 feet tall - it's a huge accomplishment.  As soon as she made it to the chair - she must have felt proud and started clapping like crazy.  Way to go girl!!!  We are insanely proud of her determination and willingness to learn. 

Eila and I have been scoring free hotel stays.  Okay it was for one night.  Steve had an out of town conference to attend last weekend  in Niagara-on-the-Lake so I promptly told him that Eila and I would join him since one of my favourite things is staying in hotels.  It was Eila's first hotel stay - and I think it blew her mind.  The first ten minutes in the room - she chatted away while she explored - and then she found the bathroom and promptly ripped up the toilet paper roll.  She's a party animal.  The best thing is that all the excitement caused her to crash for the night at 5:30 p.m.  so sadly we missed out on an evening swim - however I got into a white robe and watched TV, somewhere other than our living room.  It was awesome.

Steve and I are struggling with what we want to do in the future. This week we've started talking about living and working abroad again.  We are dreamers - and our wanderlust is strong.  However the thought of moving and living abroad with a toddler terrifies me - but what an awesome experience it would be for Eila!! 

I am very quickly losing my baby as she transforms into a tiny toddler.  The fact that she can just stand on her own - without any help - and then walk towards me blows my effin' mind. How did this happen so fast?  She's only 10 months old!!!  However the last two days she's been extra affectionate and snugly.  The same thing happened when she started crawling - maybe this new found Independence makes her need the extra reassurance from mama - whatever it is - I'll take it because she is 100% not a snugly baby. 

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