Eila is Ten Months Old

My baby is in double digits!  She's 10 months old.  How did this happen?  How did time just slip by so quickly?  What happened to the days of chilling in her bouncer, chatting to her bird friends, while I sip coffee and watch TLC?  However I wouldn't change a second of it.  I love the little person Eila is becoming.  Here's what has gone on the last month.

Ten Months

Weight/Height:  I imagine she's roughly the same weight and height as last month - since she's become so active but she may have sprouted a little in height since all her 6-12 month pants are now basically capris.

Clothes:  We are officially in 12-18 month clothing, for most brands.  But most 12 month stuff fits Eila perfectly.  It's a little bittersweet - I am sad that I don't get to shop for tiny clothes anymore, all the outfits just look cuter when they are three times smaller but then I am excited that I can now shop in the toddler section.  I didn't even know this existed before. AND we are still fitting perfectly in size three diapers.  Actually I never know when to size up - the box says they are good up until 28 pounds so I imagine we'll be in size three for awhile.  Well I hope so because we still have a box and a half on the go.


Eating & Sleeping

Eating: We are still nursing pretty regularly.  This month Eila decided that she no longer wanted to nurse from my left side.  It's been a rough go on that side since the beginning - but the last week she has started flat out refusing it.  I still try to offer and sometimes, but very rarely, she'll accept it.  Our nursing sessions still mostly occur during the night and in the morning.  Our daytime feeds are usually snacks on top of her breakfast/lunch and dinner.

As for solids - Eila really stepped it up in eating this month.  Every meals she eats more and more.  And it's just amazing to watch her work through different foods.  The only gagging we get is when she takes a bite that's too big and she doesn't chew it enough (pretty much like the rest of the population).  However eating isn't any less messy - it's probably even messier.  When Eila is finished she'll clear her tray.  I try to catch her cues early, when she starts dropping pieces over the side, but most times she just swipes her hands and things go flying.  It's messy business - but it's worth it since she has already in such a short time become a much better eater.

Sleeping: I am so happy that spring has decided to pop in and out this month because Eila and I have discovered the awesomeness of stroller napping.  It's the best.  We usually head out for an afternoon walk - and Eila takes a long snooze in her stroller.  It's been awesome - for both us.  Other than that napping is still a struggle most days - and night time sleeping is still going strong.  Eila is only getting up once on a normal night to eat - and if it's been a busy day she'll be up twice.

Routine & Milestones

Routine: Eila is pretty consistent with her own routine - but we don't let it rule our day.  There is still some flexibility in there.  I am sure if I was more diligent Eila might be a better napper - but this works for us and keep us both happy.  Eila usually starts her day anywhere from the moment the sunrises - but usually she's up like clockwork at 7 a.m.  Usually we let her play for an hour in bed - Steve and I will take turns keeping an eye on her.  She'll bounce around between us - until we can't take it anymore and get out of bed.

From there we usually play a bit in the living room, watch PBS kids, mom drinks a coffee and then we settle in for her morning nap.  Her morning nap is anywhere between 8-10.  This all depends on what time she woke up at and is the shortest nap ever.  The longest she sleeps in the morning is 30 minutes.  I am envious of all the long napping babies.  Once she wakes up we move on to breakfast and then we get washed up and ready for the day.  This usually brings us to 11 or 12.  It's crazy just how fast our mornings pass us by.  Usually we'll head out from there - or just stay in if the weather is crappy.  Anywhere between 1-3 she'll take her second nap.  Sometimes we have lunch before or after the nap - it really depends on how late into the afternoon we are getting.

Usually around 4 we head to the kitchen and decide what's for dinner.  Steve gets home around 6 and from there we eat dinner and then Steve takes over the bath and bedtime routine.  It's been working for us - but I know come June we are going to have to get into the swing of a brand new routine.

  • New Vocabulary: Eila added two new words into her rotation - up and cat.  No one was surprised when she said cat.  However every single animal is a cat - but it's a start.  Whenever she sees the cat she exclaims "CA-AT" and then prompt her to give the cat a kiss.  And as she kisses the cat - my heart explodes.  Eila also says "up".  She says it a lot.  When she's about to pull her self up she'll say "up" when she is done eating she'll say "up" when she is just playing she'll say "Up, Up, Up, Up" x 1000.  It's amazing watching her figure out words and their meanings. 
  • New Teeth:  I remember a few months back before Eila got any teeth if she'd ever cut a tooth - well to our surprise Eila now has seven teeth.  One morning I noticed that the lower right lateral incisor was through - she didn't make a peep however just shortly after that she cut both the upper left central and upper left lateral incisors which again were a struggle.  I thought there might be some rest - but it looks like she is teething again since she started chewing.  Lady is going to have a mouthful by the time she is one.
  • Grinning: Man I thought Eila's smile was cute before - but then she started crinkly nose grinning and my heart melted into a giant puddle on the floor.  OMG there is nothing cuter than that grin.  Seriously.  
  • Waving & High Fiving:  My favourite thing to say to Eila is "high five mama" and then she does it and it's awesome and I feel like my job as a parent is complete. And then one day she just started waving.  It's not like a frantic wave - she just lifts up her hand in a casual "hey man how you doing?" kind of wave and it's completely adorable.  

      Social & Events

      Social: My little lady is a social butterfly.  She loves, loves, loves people - especially babies.  I have really noticed her interest in people this month.  It's really helped me feel more comfortable that she is going to adjust to daycare like a rockstar - while her mom is in her office weeping into her morning coffee.  It's so funny that at the beginning I thought she was shy - she is still a little slow to warm but once she does she takes the room by storm.  A few weeks ago I went to Sprouts (our local indoor playground hangout) and Eila just crawled up to a group of moms and sat with them.  It was hilarious.

      • Attended a First Birthday Party: When I got the invitation to a birthday party from one of our playdate mamas for her son's, Hugo, first birthday I was so excited.  I realized at that moment that I have a baby - and she is getting invited to birthday parties.  It was a special moment.  And then we attended and Eila had a blast.  Apparently she is a party animal like her mama. 

      Favourite Things

      Baby Gear/Toys: This is definitely not my favourite toy - but Eila is obsessed with playing with it.  The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Lil' Sis.  My sister brought it over one day when she came to visit - so we opened it up and Eila played with it here and there.  However lately - it's one of the toys that she consistently plays with.  I don't know if it's the music - the fact that it talks to her - but she loves it.  She drags it around by it's ear.  I can tell you that I am excited for the day that the batteries die (or disappear).  It's crazy - it starts one thing and then if you hit another part of it - it just moves onto the other thing.  Why doesn't it just finish what it's doing first?  It makes me feel scattered and crazy - but Eila loves it - so I suffer (out of love).

      Favourite Things:
      • Orange slices:  I've blogged about this a few times now - but Eila is an orange lover.  I had no doubts.  Now we just need to move into a climate where oranges grow wild.  
      • Playing with all the stuffies: Not only does Eila love that Fisher Price dog - she also loves stuffies in general.  We have a large basket filled with them (where did they all come from anyways?) and she takes her time going through the basket playing with each of them.  Needless to say they are ALWAYS all over the floor.  
      • The Cat:  Yes - Eila is still madly in love with Basil.  Now when she sees him she says "CA-AT" and then nothing else matters - she has to get to him.  It doesn't matter what she's doing - the cat is her king - she is basically Elmyra

      Favourite Pictures from the Month

       (I took more but my camera battery died before I could move them over)



      The weather has been fabulous - minus a few cold pockets - but other than that Eila and I have been enjoying afternoon strolls and snoozes (well she snoozes and I walk at a steady pace to keep it that way) in the sun.  Yesterday we walked to the indoor playground for a play date - that's an 8 km walk (round trip) needless to say I am totally out of shape and my legs are sore today.  But the sun is shining and I am ready to hit the neighbourhood this afternoon.  Other than lazy spring days - this is also what we've been up to.

      Eila is currently making my heart skip a beat with fear and pride.  She decided last Sunday that it would be a good idea to start walking unassisted.  Before that she had only taken a few odd steps here and there - most of which we thought were fluke steps.  However on Sunday after the Easter festivities Eila decided that a room full of family was where she wanted to test out her new found courage.  She pulled herself up and just went for it.  She took three consecutive steps.  And then she bailed on the carpet and there was blood - in her mouth.  I was equally proud and terrified. But I scooped her up and offered to nurse and she recovered nicely.  Since then - she hasn't stopped - in true Eila fashion and has a nice bruise on her face.  Just yesterday she took nine consecutive steps - fell down and took five more.  WTF??!!  and then the cat ran by and I swear she literally ran after him.  I am pretty sure the cat also exclaimed "WTF?! She can walk now?"

      Eila and I are currently eating soccer mom orange slices.  Sadly oranges don't taste nearly as awesome as they did when I was pregnant - but I do like a good orange.  So far Eila's favourites are minneola and cara care oranges - both of which I devoured while pregnant. 

      Steve is currently enjoying how excited Eila is when he gets home from work.  As soon as she hears the door - she bolts for it.  She has also started waving so if she's too busy to crawl over she'll just give him a wave and a huge grin.  I know one day, way too soon, I will appreciated this as well after a long day of work. 

      I am currently hiding the fact that my maternity leave is almost over.  I am just flat out not looking at the calendar.  What day or month is it?  Who cares - I just don't want to know.  While I am eager to get back into a routine and challenge my brain again - I also enjoy my days home with Eila.  Playing games, cooking lunch, going on strolls, afternoon napping! I just can't believe it's almost over and we are moving on to a new phase in our lives. 

      I am currently noticing how much Eila has changed in the last month.  She has become less like a baby and more like a little girl.  The way she moves.  The way she plays.  The way she babbles.   There is still a little baby in there somewhere - it's just not as noticeable these days.  She is basically 10 months going on 3 years. 


      Guest Post: National Infertility Awareness Week - Sarah from Midwest Pillowtalk

      Today I am pleased to do a small smart in spreading awareness about infertility for National Infertility Awareness Week.  Did you know that infertility is something that affects 1 in 8 couples?  So we are all bound to know some couples (or a few if you're really popular) that are struggling to start a family.  Some may be open about it, some more quiet, regardless it's important that there is more information, personal stories, struggles and successes shared about this topic.

      My friend Lauren is one of those eight couples.  And it makes my heart so sad for her.  But then Lauren is so awe inspiring that she took this speed bump and tried to turn it around.  She started openly blogging about her experience, she started sewing burp rags and bandana bibs to support her next steps in her infertility journey and then she organized a weekly blogging series for NIAW for non-infertile bloggers to open their blogs to interfile bloggers. 

      As part of that I was matched with Sarah from Midwest Pillowtalk and opened up my blog for her to share her Infertility Story.  Her successes and her ongoing fight.  Sarah is a new blogger to me - so I am excited to learn more about her alongside with you....so with that please welcome Sarah to Hope Squared...

      Sarah from Midwest Pillowtalk

      Hey Emily's Readers!

      im Sarah and i blog over at Midwest Pillowtalk, mainly about our family and our life with a miracle baby thats just a few months younger than Eila! I'm so thankful that Emily is hosting me today to open up about a very important event thats taking place right now. I hope you stop by and say hi!

      this week is National Infertility Awareness Week, or also seen around as NIAW.

      its a week near and dear to my heart.

      so today?

      sweet Emily over at Hope Squared is opening up her blog to me.

      im opening up about infertility. im advocating for our 'disease'.

      im also telling you, that, here we are. looking infertility in the eye again.

      resolve to know more.

      + 1 in 8 women struggle with infertility

      + infertility affects about 10% of the population

      + infertility can be diagnosed for both women AND men

      + ONLY 15 states have passed laws requiring insurance to cover some level of infertility treatment. minnesota is not one of them.

      + infertility treatments can make one go bat shit crazy.

      this year i blog about it with an 8 month old on the floor while he repeatedly dumps out his easter basket. last year i blogged for 2013's NIAW with a baby in my belly. though i have no blog posts for the 3 years before that, i have scars and memories of pain.

      since the moment i was cleared from my dr at 6 weeks post partum on 9.13.13, we began trying for another baby.

      its now 4.21.14. we have had 7 months of no luck. on top of our unlucky years before having Crue.

      when we were in florida, we had some VERY rude pervy man in the lobby of our hotel who kept chatting with isaiah and i as we looked around after checking. i don't know how it happened but some words came out of his mouth asking me how many kids i have, as isaiah was holding C - and i said "one, thats my kid" as i pointed over to my husband with my son. some more words went by, perhaps about more children? i don't even remember. but what i remember is that next he mentioned something about having sex. how making kids is so much fun. 1st: EXCUSE ME? 2nd: YOU DONT KNOW MY LIFE. 3rd: i am infertile. C was not a result of "having fun". 4th: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU. i won't ever forget that man or those words. like, what?

      crue is our joy. he is our miracle. and of course he was well worth every needle, every ultrasound, every doctor visit, tear and struggle. more worth it than i could tell anyone.

      i love that i get to play with him every day. he's a great distraction from infertility. because even though we have him? infertility is still a part of my life. our reality.

      isaiah and i have been discussing how long we want to try on our own. how long do we wait for a period, how many ovulation kits we want to keep buying, how many mornings I'll take my temperature before going to get crue. and.

      when we want to throw in the towel and back to our RE.

      when enough is enough, if you will.

      right now? we take it day by day.

      but the truth is,

      it still stings.

      thank you Resolve for 25 years of your support.

      thank you Emily for opening your blog to me during such an important week <3

      read here about 25 ways you can support the movement.