We had spring for like three seconds on Sunday - and it was glorious!  It's so much easier to take a baby outside without having to mess around with a billion layers and trying to keep the freezing cold wind off their faces.  It's so much nicer to let their hair blow in the breeze.  But sadly by Tuesday it snowed again and my faith in mother nature was crushed, yet again!

Besides being sad about the weather - this is what else has been going on here....

I was currently clearing out all the dead leaves from the lawn on Sunday.  After I took this picture of Eila I realized that the lawn could use a good raking.  So I put away the snow shovels and pulled out the rakes (little did I know that we would get another blast of winter just two days later).  Our lawn is tiny - but I managed to clean up a yard waste bag full of leaves.  I think that's the most exercise I've done since before I got pregnant.

Eila is currently digging oranges.  It makes me laugh because of the fact that while pregnant with her I ate more oranges than anyone on the planet.  She just devours them.  She isn't a big eater when it comes to solids - but girl can pound back a half an orange in very little time. And then I read this - and figured that Eila knew she liked oranges before she even knew what an orange was.

We are currently reading the First 100 Words book.  Well I suppose we are strictly flipping to the page that has a cat and a kitten so Eila can tell us "CA-AT" and then proceed to kiss it 100 times.  She is still so very madly in love with Basil - that it's not surprising that her second real word would be cat. 

Steve and I are currently watching the second season of Girls.  It was a nice change of pace after we completely binge watched the entire Dexter series in about a month.  Ridiculous.  We were so ready for it to be over - I just wonder if we watched it a little less if we would have felt the same way?  Anyways - I don't know what took us so long to watch Girls again.  We loved the first season - now we are frantically trying to find a way to get our hands on the third season.  Suggestions? 

Hope your Easter weekend is full of mini eggs and more mini eggs.



I understand if you don't want to read anything I have to say - because all you want to do is look at that adorable baby grin.  I know - I get it - it's killer.  It melts my heart Every.Single.Day!!  Eila has been flashing her best grins for the past few weeks - and I might think it's the greatest thing ever.  Want to know what else has been going on?  Well you are in luck....

Eila has been currently dropping EVERYTHING on the floor.  She's in that infamous stage where she (and only she) thinks it's hilarious to drop things from her high chair so mom or dad will pick it up.  And then repeat x 1000.  This also means that her meals mostly end up on the floor.  It might be the only time in my life when I wish I had a dog to clean up after dinner. 

We are currently making plans for Eila's first birthday.  Which is approaching way to quickly.  We have decided on date and venue for her party - but I am still thinking about what we'll do on her actual birthday.  I start back to work that week - but both Steve and I have booked off the day so we can do some family celebrating.  I am leaning towards a first zoo visit to check out the moose - since we have a camping trip booked for a few weeks later and we will surely go on a Moose Hunt

Eila is currently wearing size 12-18 month clothing.  I don't know how it happened - but one day she was just humongous.  I stupidly bought a ton of 12-18 month clothes thinking it would take her through most of the summer.  It looks like Eila will be getting a new mid-summer wardrobe come June/July.  As for me, I am currently no longer wearing socks.  As soon as the temperatures go above zero - I toss the boots and socks and pull out my Toms.   

Eila is currently kissing everyone and everything.  It's her favourite thing to do, well besides flashing huge grins.  Her kisses are big and opened mouthed - but they are the sweetest thing ever.  Today she was looking at Basil and then kissed him on the nose.  I didn't get to see it - but Steve told me about it and my heart melted.  There is a lot of heart melting going on over here these days.

I am currently keeping all of Eila's outgrown clothes.  I just can't bring myself to get rid of them and/or pack them up.  They are just sitting in a bag in her room.  And the pile keeps growing and growing.  I really need to just buckle down and sort through what I want to keep and what can go.  

what are you currently up to? 


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Eila is Nine Months Old

Eila has been out as long as she was in!  It baffles me how fast this went by.  My pregnancy went by quickly - but not as quick as these past nine months.  It's INSANE!!  Next month she'll be in double digits and then two months later she'll be one.

But let's slow down a bit and look at all the awesome things Eila has been doing this past month.

Nine Months

Weight/Height/Head:  We went for Eila's 9 month check up last week.  Since her six month check up - she put on roughly three pounds weighing at 2lbs 1oz, grew 5cm - measuring 75cm (29.5 inches) and her head is now 18 inches.  Basically she's growing on a perfect curve.  Steve and I are pretty proud of Eila (and ourselves).

Clothes:  Buying clothes for the upcoming spring/summer season has proven to be a difficult task.  To be honest I don't even know what size Eila is wearing.  I think I squeeze her into clothes for much longer than I should - I just have issues with letting things go.  I am guessing she should be in size 12-18 months now.  I just need to face reality.  And she's still wearing size three diapers.  

Eating & Sleeping

Eating:  We are still going strong with nursing and Eila hasn't shown any indications of wanting to reduce any feeds.  I have no idea how many times a day she nurses now.  The whole thing has changed.  She really just snacks during the day and maybe has a good long eat in the morning, in the afternoon, before bed and once through the night.  The rest of the time she just grabs a quick drink and then goes back to ripping up books, terrorizing the cat, etc.

Solids are going really well - there is still a bit of gagging but it really only happens when she's being goofy. Eila now basically eats whatever we are eating.  However lately I have found myself cooking our way through the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook.  The recipes are perfectly sized for two adults and one baby (and still room for leftovers - if you eat them).  I also found that all the recipes are so basic and quick to cook up - but also taste really good.  Our favourites so far are the Weeknight Chilli, Spaghetti Bolognese, Cheesy Tuna Pasta Salad and Beef and Onion Stew.

Sleeping:  Since Eila pooped (haha nothing funnier than reading your typos - POPPED) out two new teeth this month  - there were a few nights that were the worst we have ever experienced with her.  It made me really appreciate those sleepy first three months.  Since cutting those teeth she has resumed her normal nighttime sleeping pattern.  As for naps - yeah naps still suck around here.  I am hoping she'll learn to nap better at daycare.

Routine & Milestones

Routine:  We are pretty casual over here - and go with the flow!  I basically let Eila lead the day and it seems to work for both of us.

  • New vocabulary: Shortly after figuring out how to say Mama - everything out of Eila's mouth was DADADADADADADADA. And then one day she started saying "up".  At first I brushed it off as coincidence - but now she'll say up and then pull herself up to stand.  Or she'll say up and bang on my leg.  
  • Furniture Surfing:  Eila can scale furniture with her eyes closed - she is SO FAST.  It's a current favourite pastime of hers.
  • New teeth:  This round of teeth were brutal.  She cut both her upper right central incisor and it's neighbour the upper right lateral incisor.  Those top teeth are no joke.  I am not looking forward to going through the left side.  Or the 16 remaining teeth she needs to cut. 
  • Standing - unassisted: Eila likes to live on the wild side and has recently given up on holding on to couch, bookshelf, or the chair when standing.  She still needs it to help her pull up, but once she's up she lets go and just stands there.  It's hilarious.  She's too little to be just standing there. 

Social & Events

Social: Eila has become quite the chatterbox - and a yeller.  This month she practiced her vocal chords and all the ranges she can reach.  It was a loud month.  And in the end - even her cry got louder.  Lady can wail if she wants to - especially when you fish that coveted chewed up wad of book page out of her mouth. 

  • Meeting Beatrix:  Our friends Randalin & Kris just added an adorable baby girl to their family.  I was eager to meet her and soak in all her newness (because newborns are awesome when they aren't your own).  Even though Eila didn't acknowledge Bea too much - she had a blast playing with Kale.  It made us wish we lived closer so they could burn off their energy together.  
  • Celebrating Mama & Dad's Birthday:  unfortunately for Eila she didn't get to enjoy birthday week with cake.  As for Steve and I - we ate cake.  Lots and lots of cake. 

Favourite Things

Baby Gear/Toys: Eat on the floor was getting old - and we one day want Eila to enjoy the novelty of a picnic so we put on our grown-up pants and cleared off the kitchen table and vowed to eat as many meals as possible there.  The only problem is that Eila's highchair is gigantic.  As big as she is - she is just too small for it.  So we 'invested' in a $25 (we got the tray) ANTILOP High Chair from Ikea.  Ummmm....why didn't we buy this sooner?  This chair is awesome.  It's small.  All plastic. And so easy to clean.  The legs come out, so it's easy to travel with. 

Favourite Things: 
  • Fruit:  Eila loves most fruit - the only thing she's crinkled her nose at are Bananas (I don't blame you kid) but she'll still try them every time.  Her favourite fruit are peaches - but she also loves watermelon, mango, strawberries and apples.  
  • Drinking:  We have tried a few cups out with Eila to encourage her to drink more at meal time we didn't have much luck with any spouted cup or straw cups so when I came across the Philip AVENT Natural Drinking Cup I thought I'd give it a shot.  It's lip activated so Eila can use it like a regular cup, without spilling it entirely all over herself.  She seems to really enjoy it.  It's still messy - but she is getting much better at it.  However she has also taken up drinking the bath water.  She just smashes her face to the water and laps it up.  She thinks it's hilarious.
  • Playing with Dad:  Eila has more recently shown more emotion when Steve gets home from work.  It's totally adorable.  She crawls right to him and then it's all day all night long (until she wants to eat).  Needless to say - Eila loves weekends and soaking up all the dad time she can.  

Favourite Picture(s) from the Month