YO VIP - Let's Kick it!  The fact that you made your way here makes my little heart happy.  And perhaps you'll consider hanging out a bit?  That would actually make my little grinch heart start to grow. When I started blogging back in 2011 - I had no idea what I was in for.  I had no idea how large and in charge the blogosphere actually was (is).  I especially had no idea how I could get myself noticed among the blogfamous.  16+ months later - I think I have started to finally figure it out - and am working it like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  It's taken a lot of work and dedication - but I've enjoyed the ride.  I reflected on my first year of blogging with some tips about How I decided to 'Blog Like A Boss'.

But I am no blogging expert! And maybe I am being too confident by starting a sponsorship program - but my blog still has a lot of growing to do - so why don't we grow together?  All cheese {that's slang for monies} that's earned by sponsoring will go directly back into sponsoring bigger and way cooler blogs. You know those blogs that have a gazillion readers and seem to know exactly what they are doing! Those blogs that can help get our names out there. Let's get blogfamous together!

Is Hope Squared Right For You?

My blog posts mostly relate to either life, design, and travel.  Oh and my cat!  If this is something that you and your blog can relate to - check out my stats to help you better make your decision.
Here Is The 411 On My Blog-fo 
{As of October 26, 2012}
Average Posts Per Week: 3-5 
Average Page Views Per Day: 150-200
Page Views Last Month: 4750
Unique Visitors Last Month: 1563
All Time Page Views: 49, 000+
GFC Readers: 671
Twitter: 600
Facebook: 263
Pinterest: 243

Advertising Options @ Hope Squared

Here are some samples of how Hope Squared will feature you - Are You Ready For This?
Sample Sponsor Posts

For the month of November I am Sponsoring 

Other Collaborating Options

As a lover of travel I also like to make my way around the blogosphere.  I am usually willing to guest post - as long as you give me ample notice.  I am a procrastinator so I do best with long deadlines.  Check out all the places Hope Squared has stopped over at:

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Flip me an e-mail if you're looking for a possible guest poster - or if you are interested in guest posting on Hope Squared to promote your blog/shop/business.
And if all of the above doesn't cover what you're looking for - flip me an e-mail here

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